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  • Welcome to my new web site.

    Welcome to my new web site.
    I hope you enjoy my new web site, I thought it was about time that it had an update and new design to more accurately represent what I do. This is the fourth major redesign that this domain has seen since I first registered it on 22nd December 2002. The image shows what it looked like back in 2004. I hope you agree that the new one looks better, I certainly prefer it, but then I always do like my most recent work the most.

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  • Web Site Statistics

    Web Site Statistics
    When you get a web site from Technology Applied you get more than you see. Another of the many features that are included in a Technology Applied web site is web site statistics from Google Analytics. This means that your web site is always recording details of who is visiting your web site, where they come from, how they found your web site, what they looked at and even what type of device or computer they are using to view your web site.

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  • Electronic Business Cards

    Electronic Business Cards

    Following on from my previous posts about some of the features that you get when you get a web site designed by Technology Applied, I thought I would write about vCards.

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  • The Changing World Of Web Design.

    The Changing World Of Web Design.

    When Technology Applied started building web sites computers were pretty much all the same and usually attached by wires to the then slow Internet. The iPhone and iPad were little more than an idea in the mind of Steve Jobs. Now you will probably own at least one mobile wireless internet connected device and so do your web site visitors.

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