Electronic Business Cards

Electronic Business Cards

Following on from my previous posts about some of the features that you get when you get a web site designed by Technology Applied, I thought I would write about vCards.

What is a vCard?
A vCard is an electronic business card file format standard. In simple terms it is a file that contains information about your business, the sort of information you would traditionally print on a paper based business card. Because it is a standard it means that it is used by many software applications on many different computer system. So whether your web site visitors are using Microsoft Windows Address Book, or Office Outlook, or maybe they are using an Apple Mac, they will be able to use the vCard.

So how does it work on my site?
Well most web sites have a contact page, this is where we put information like your telephone numbers, address, email address and a form for customers to contact you directly from the site. But What if they want to save your details for later? This is where the vCard comes to action with a couple of clicks the visitor can download your business card and store it into their address book or contact application of choice. And of course now they have your vCard they can easily share it by emailing it to their friends and colleagues. You can see an example on the Contact Page of this site.

This feature is available as standard with no extra cost on every web site design from Technology Applied. Yet another way that a Technology Applied web site will hope grow your business. You get more with a Technology Applied web site design.

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