Maintenance and Marketing.

As reader of this blog post you may already have a web site built by Technology Applied, but it does not end there. Technology Applied has been creating web sites for over 10 years which makes some of the earlier creations antiques as far as the technology world is concerned.

Of course a new web site or major overhaul is an option but this can be time consuming and costly which is where a Technology Applied Site Agreement comes in. By signing up to an agreed number of hours a month you can spread the cost of site improvements over a year or hopefully many. This will ensure that your site remains up to date in the ever changing world of technology and gives us opportunities to add new features to your site so that it keeps pace with the growth and changes of your organisation. The time can also be spent on Internet marketing activities such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media, or making sure that your site functions nicely on all the latest mobile and tablet devices that your site visitors are using. Growing your site this way is a great way to ensure that your site is always giving the best possible message to your customers and because Google likes to see fresh content on sites that it indexes, it will help you advance up the search engine rankings and attract potential new customers. For a free personalised appraisal of the improvements that we could work towards with your internet marketing strategy contact Greg

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