Web site design & development in Pendle.

I design and build unique web sites in Pendle, to meet your requirements. Every site is designed to be search engine friendly and is packed full of features to ensure it makes your Pendle business look great online.Web Browser Icons All my work is built in accordance with the latest standards and recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript PHP and MySQL. This ensures that my work can be added to at a later date as and when your needs grow. All sites include web site statistics from Google Analytics so that we can track your sites success online and fine tune it to ensure it reaches the customers you want.

Whether you are looking for an online business card style site or an advanced content management system (CMS) backed web site, I can customise a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Content Management Systems (CMS) in Pendle

I can develop you a site using a content management system so that you or your staff can easily update and add content and details to your web site. This is an ideal solution for anyone who wants the facility to easily change their product range, details and pricing, or keep their customers informed with news articles or customer testimonials. The possibilities are endless, but the solution always remains easy to use. Of course, if you do not wish to update your own web site then I can take care of that for you.

Email Marketing in Pendle

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Why not make use of email as a fast efficient and highly cost effective way to communicate with your customers. Informing your existing and potential customers of your business news and latest offers can be a great way to increase custom. By using an email marketing system I can ensure that the correct message reaches the correct people on your behalf. They will be able to add or remove themselves from your mailing lists so you will not get a reputation for spamming customers and by integrating the system with your web site you can add to your overall internet presence.

Email, Domains & Hosting for Pendle

These are not the most interesting of subjects but they are important to your online presence. I can provide email that gives your business communications a professional image by using your domain name so you can have email in the form of name@company_name.co.uk. I can register domain names on your behalf with a variety of endings such as .com ,.co.uk and .org. either for immediate use on the internet or in order to secure your brand names from being acquired by others. And finally I can arrange hosted web space for your web site to live on the internet using a variety of services from the top companies in the hosting world. All these services ensure that your web site portrays your company in the professional manner that it deserves.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Pendle

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Once you have a web site you need to attract people to it. This can be done by using traditional advertising methods, but search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are rapidly becoming the most likely tool that your customers will use to find a product or service. This is where search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, comes in to make sure that it is your web site that they find when they do an internet search. All the web sites that I design have SEO friendly features built in to them, but if you already have a web site then I may be able to add many of these search optimising features to it for you. I can also carry out work to ensure that your site is listed on many search sites, including all of the major search engines, and that they are crawling your site correctly for the content that you wish to be found. Services also include the creation of content and link building to aid SEO.

Social Media for Pendle

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With the whole world becoming Internet connected even from devices like TV's and mobile phones, the last few years have seen a boom in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These services are not just for fun, they can be a valuable business tool and resource. They can be used to communicate with your customers and attract potential new ones to your company and your web site. If you have not got the time, expertise or inclination to set these and other services up and start tweeting and poking people, then I can take care of that for you. This is just one of the many ways that I can help you to increase your Internet presence and attract more visitors to your Pendle web site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please click on a question to find an answer. If you require further information or have another question please contact me.

How much will a web site cost?
I do not give one standard price, as all projects vary greatly as you will see from the other questions in this section many factors come into the final project. It would be unfair to charge you for services that you might not require. So in order to keep the price that I charge as low as I can, for you. I calculate a fixed price for your project, that way you know exactly what you will have to pay. Get a free no obligation quotation today
How long will it take to make my web site?
Ok so that might seem like a silly question to try to answer, considering you might want a one page site or a giant multiple page all bells and whistles web site. Here is what I can tell you. Depending on when I am free to start work a one page site can be completed in one to two days and a five to ten page small business web site can often be completed in one to two weeks. In practice these time scales often become longer as I like to get your approval at various stages of the design and development process before I continue to ensure you are pleased with the final product. I am of course always happy to try and meet any reasonable deadline you may have. Actually I love to work under a bit of pressure.
I already have a domain name, how do I move it?
If you already have a domain name registered I can make the necessary arrangements to transfer the domain name to a new host, you may be required to authorise online or sign a authorisation form but it is a simple process. Alternatively it can be left were it is if you wish to continue to use an existing web hosting and domain registration company. You will simply need to give me the details so that I can check that your hosting service meets the technical requirements for the web site solution that you require. Then grant me access to upload the web site files and get it all working for you.
I already have a web site what can you do?
If you already have a web site that you would like to improve or change then contact me with the details and I can look at what might be possible, whether it is a few simple improvements for search engine optimisation, or adding extra pages and features, or an overhaul. As with the domain question I can also arrange for your web site to be moved or you can keep your existing hosting if you are happy with it. This is often a great position to be in as you already have an idea of what you do and do not want from a web site.
What about logos and colour schemes?
If you already have company branding, logos a particular colour scheme etc. then that is fine I can work with that to design you a site that integrates into your existing company image. If you do not have any of that then that is fine I can work with any ideas you might have to make a design that you are happy with.
What about content for a web site?
The choice is yours. You can either supply me with text and photographs that you wish to have on your site, or you can ask me to write content for you maybe after a discussion with you to get some background information. Similarly I can take some photographs for you or I can source stock images that are licensed for use on your site.
Will my site appear on Google?
All the web sites that I make are submitted to Google and the other major search engines. They also include many features that will help them to be indexed by search engines. How near the top you get is very much dependent on the market that you are competing in and the keywords that you wish to be found with. Of course there is lots more that I can do to help with this as part of an Internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and unfortunately it also takes a bit of time.

Anything Else?

Have I missed anything? The Internet is always developing and at a rapid rate, so as new technologies come along I find new ways to apply them to your business, often this is as a result of someone's problem or question. So, if there is something you would like, or a problem you want to solve and you think the Internet and web technology might be an option, please contact me and we can work something out.