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Technology Applied has been providing web sites and Internet marketing solutions to small to medium sized businesses from its office in Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, and now Blackburn Lancashire since 2004.

Offering a custom combination of attractive designs, underpinned by the latest standards compliant web technologies, to ensure that technology is applied to your business in a way that will ensure you online success.

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Small Business Package

Small Business Web Site Package

Technology Applied specialises in web site design for small business. So we have developed an all in one package to make getting your business online hassle free.

Why your business needs Technology Applied?

  • Full range of services.
    Full range of services.

    The Internet is complicated enough without having to go to several different companies to get your business on the web. I can provide everything you need to get a search engine optimised web site online and then market it.

  • Tailored solutions.
    Tailored solutions.

    Every solution I offer is designed from scratch, to use just the right components to suit your business requirements. This means that you get exactly what your business needs and you do not pay for anything that you do not require.

  • Free consultation.
    Free consultation.

    I am so enthusiastic about the work that I do and how it can help your business, that I will come and talk to you about a web site design solution for free. If you would like to arrange a free consultation please contact me.

  • Grow with business.
    Grow with business.

    Because I know that you and your customers will be pleased with a web site from Technology Applied, I always build a solution so that it can be expanded as and when you need it. This keeps your total expenditure low and spreads it over time and inline with your business growth.

  • Friendly Service.
    Friendly Service.

    Ok, so I am not a multi-national company, but that means no call centres, no automated answering systems, no sales staff promising you a product they can not provide and you probably do not need. You get to deal with the person that makes your web site and does the work.

  • Competitive prices.
    Competitive prices.

    Because I have lower overheads I am able to offer you the same quality service that big design companies offer but at a lower price. Find out more about how I cut costs to save you money.

  • SEO baked in.
    SEO baked in.

    A web site is like an iceberg - only a small amount of it is easily visible, but what goes on underneath the surface is what counts in getting your site to rank highly on search engines like Google. I build sites from the base up and fill them with search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, to ensure they don't go unnoticed.

  • Simple to use
    Simple to use

    I appreciate that not everyone lives and breathes computers, which is why I try to ensure that the solutions I provide are easy to use, and explained clearly. If you do have any difficulties, help is only a few clicks or a call away.

  • Standards compliant.
    Standards compliant.

    All solutions are built in accordance with the latest standards from the World Wide Web Consortium. This means that they are accessible, and work on the full range of modern Internet connected devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. This also helps future proof your solution.

We have:
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